Our Story

 This Old Game was first turned on back in 1999 with the purchase of my first arcade machine, Space Invaders.

The first thing I noticed was the worn out metal control panel.

At the time I was working in architectural graphics screen-printing in Houston, Texas. Where we did high end signage for clients like Enron, & the stadium for the Houston Astros. 

So when I set out to do my reproduction control panel, I only thought Id be making this for myself.  I had no idea these were collected, restored & was a hobby around the world.

I put a few extras I ran on eBay & the response I got was so incredible.  I've been making them along with  thousands of reproductions for arcade game restorations ever since.

Our Production Promise

We are here to help the preservation for all original Arcade machines.  This Old Game strives to faithfully reproduce each and every reproduction.  Including the best materials, such as 3M, matching textures & colors. Using the latest and greatest printing equipment technology available today and fully guaranteed if applied & stored correctly to last for decades to come.  Packed and shipped with care to ensure your new reproduction arrives safe and sound.

Our Reproduction Ethos

For the past 20 years This Old Game has been printing for a variety of companies including , Arcade Shop, Chomping Quarters, Game Stencils,  Mikes arcade,  Pacific Arcades, Paradise Arcade Shop, Phoenix Arcade, Quarter Arcade,  20th Century Fox, Pixar, Sony Pictures , and Two Bit Circus.

Our award winning art has been featured on games at trade shows, museums, TV and movies worldwide. This Old Game continuing to  do our part saving the planet on game at a time.